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As a liquid, LPG can be delivered to areas where natural gas pipes can't reach. Over 1 million Australian homes now use LPG.

In much of regional and rural Australia the only way to 'cook with gas' is to cook with LPG. LPG piping inside a house is the same as for reticulated natural gas and must comply with the AG601 Gas Installation Code and must be installed by a licensed gas fitter. Every appliance design must be certified under the AGA / ALPGA appliance approval scheme specifically for use with propane.

The LPG is stored outside the home, usually in one or two cylinders (45 kg capacity). These cylinders can either be filled where they stand by a delivery truck, or the gas supplier collects the empty cylinder and exchanges it with a filled cylinder. AG 601 specifies larger minimum clearances from windows and possible ignition sources for cylinders filled from a delivery truck than exchange cylinders.

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