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Heat Transfer Systems

Heat Transfer systems are used to transfer warm air from one 'hot' room to cooler rooms in the house. Quite often people find that they have fantastically efficient heating (gas, wood, heat pump etc.) in one room, typically the living room. This is great for the living room, but leaves the rest of the house cold. A Heat Transfer System takes this 'excess heat' from the one 'hot' room in the house and distribute it to the cooler rooms, typically the bedrooms. This can be a fantastic way to make the house warmer, while saving energy and removing the need to buy additional heaters for the other rooms. 




How it Works


Warm air is drawn through a ceiling vent which is placed adjacent to the heater. An Inline fan will then transfer the warm air to the vents in the cooler room(s). Our air transfer kits include R1 insulated ducting, ensuring the kit functions as efficiently as possible. The system is controlled via a thermostat and the fan speed is controlled by a varaiable switch, so you have full control over the system at all times.


There are a few variables that dictate how well a system can work. These include the type and size of existing heating and the design and layout of the house. We can visit your home and give an on the spot quote for a Heat Transfer System!

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