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Gas Safety & Compliance Checks & Rental Property Checks

Cullen Gas is the safe choice when the safety of your gas appliances, home, family, and tenants is paramount. We have the expertise, reliability, and are committed to our customers safety. With years of experience serving domestic households and property managers, we understand the critical importance of ensuring gas safety, hot water efficiency, and heating systems' optimal performance. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the intricacies of safety checks, having been in business for 24 years and having a combined 85 years Gas Fitting experience! We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every compliance and safety check we undertake is thorough and precise. Our commitment to compliance standards is unmatched, guaranteeing that your property and its occupants are protected. At Cullen Gas, your safety is our top priority, and we aim to deliver unparalleled service excellence in every compliance and safety check we perform.



  • Pressure test for leaks.

  • Comprehensive servicing of all gas appliances.

  • Check that gas appliances have the adequate and required clearances to combustibles.

  • Check that there is adequate ventilation for appliances to operate safely.

  • Check that LPG cylinders have adequate and required clearances.

  • Carbon Monoxide test of all applicable appliances.

  • Negative pressure test of all applicable appliances.

  • Check gas appliances for evidence of certification.

  • Safety check report sent to property managers and owners.

  • Supply Compliance Certificate & Compliance Plate where required.

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